Chemistry Experiments Viva la Smoothie!

November 24, 2015

In the Chemistry Lab class, we began the year by instilling some basic skills around lab reports and lab work etiquette. Now that these procedures are solidified, the students are being given the opportunity to take part of their education into their own hands. Students are bringing their own chemistry labs ideas to class to share with the group. Each student with the help of the teacher, is expected to lead-teach the class through the lab that he or she introduces and to understand enough to answer questions about chemistry experiments we try.

Students are excited and are vying to have their project scheduled sooner rather than later, a desire which is motivating them to hand in necessarily detailed proposals. If the proposal is not up to par, or if the teacher can’t understand the written explanation or figure out what the materials are exactly, then they are back to the drawing board.

Our first presentation has just taken place and Voyagers’ Kitchen Competition was a success. Students, led by Jenna, were taught how to extract whey from milk. They learned about how and why the introduction of vinegar causes separation within the milk, allowing them to isolate whey protein. They then proceeded to make a variety of protein shakes.

Jenna judging the smoothie contest.

Jenna judging the smoothie contest.


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