Tech, Tinkering, Esports & Gaming Camp

Far From Your Ordinary Camp

July 1st – August 16th, 2024
Monday – Thursday, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Located in Lincroft, NJ on the Brookdale Community College Campus. We provide a unique camp for up to 30 children in small groups based on age and interest. Children’s curiosities motivate our offerings. Childhood is a time to play, explore and carry on with joy. We create fun!

Tech, Tinkering, Esports, & Gaming

Kids, ages 6-12, love to tell stories through technology. Campers can create storyboards, comics, stop-motion animation, games, and live-action movies, set to original music. They can explore Coding, Drones, iPads, iMovie, 3D printers, Animation Stations, Electronics, Green Screen Technology, sewing machines, and much more. We even dive into AI.

Campers will develop tech skills with the freedom to imagine and explore their ideas through hands-on learning guided by experienced tech counselors and mentors. When not tinkering, kids can get involved in the fast-growing world of Esports and Gaming! They can improve all aspects of their game with PS5s, speedy internet, and experienced coaches. Be assured, all of our campers go outdoors every day for lunch and recreation. Available 3-5 days per week. Register for a minimum of two weeks.


Monday – Thursday,  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Minimum of two weeks required. Discounts for multiple week

– $750 for 2 weeks
– $365 for each additional week
– $1,425 for 4 weeks
– $2,360 for 7 weeks

Want extra fun – Add

Add A Lunch Time Hour to join friends for a meeal and fun in our yard.

2 days/week– $30.00
3 days/week – $45.00
4 days/week – $60.00