Asbury Park Community School

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    At Voyagers’ Community School, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and caring environment. We offer an environment that is rich with learning experiences and challenges that encourage and inspire each child to reach their fullest potential. Children graduating from Voyagers’ Community School have a keen understanding of the world around them, coupled with a desire to have a positive impact on it.

    Our Educational Philosophy

    We’ve taken the best features of a number of progressive learning strategies, and combined them into a cohesive program that addresses the needs of the whole child. Our students are treated as the individuals that they are. Their interests, strengths and ideas are considered when putting together their curriculum. asbury park voyagers community schoolThe curriculum is inspired by a unique blend of the following methodologies:

    • Play based approach combined with structure and routines (e.g. Waldorf)
    • Child centered, using play as a teacher (e.g. Montessori schools)
    • Project based curricula, based on the interests of each child (e.g. Reggio Emilia)
    • Socratic Seminar Method that challenges students to develop their critical thinking and analytic skills.
    • A holistic approach to learning wherein each child is encouraged to discover their place in the community and the natural world. This learning philosophy encourages the development of humanitarian values such as peace and compassion.

    Throughout the day, children are given opportunities to experience new and different things. When something sparks a child’s interests, they’re encouraged to explore and find out more. This could mean researching topics at the library, or “hands-on” activities designed to help children process the information they’ve gathered. At Voyager’s, children love to spend time in our outdoor classroom. They enjoy the opportunity for nature walks, boating, fishing, orienteering and hikes, learning as they observe and study the flora and fauna surrounding them.

    Benefits of Our Method

    At Voyagers’, children are surrounded by a community of caring staff, teachers and parents. Free to explore their natural curiosity and creativity, children develop a love of learning that follows them throughout their lives. Students learn in a mixed age classroom setting, which has been shown to foster independence, boost self-esteem and create an environment of respect and encouragement. As our curriculum is child led, there’s a true engagement from each child in their own education as they’re interested in what they’re learning.

    Why Asbury Park?

    Asbury Park Community SchoolResidents of Asbury Park and individuals in nearby Ocean Grove, Belmar and Avon-by-the-sea are deeply committed to the education of the children in their communities. They understand that children excel in an environment that’s rich with experiences and opportunities to connect with the world around them. Our child led, progressive curriculum focuses on all aspects of a child’s growth and development. High school graduates leaving our facility grow to be outstanding citizens. They develop strength of character and a tenacity to always do their best. They’ve also learned compassion for others and a willingness to take part in the world around them. Voyagers’ offers the following programs to children living in Asbury Park and surrounding areas:

    To learn more about what Voyagers’ Community School can do for your child, or to start the registration process, feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 732-842-1660.