About Voyagers' Community School

  • Outdoor Fun and Learning

    Outdoor Fun and Learning

    Voyagers’ Community School offers New Jersey families a chance to bring out the best in their child. Our forward-thinking program gives every child the reigns early on, allowing them to blossom mentally and creatively throughout their years in school.

    Unlike many schools in our native Monmouth County, NJ, we offer comprehensive childcare and education, reaching well beyond daycare. We offer toddler, and Pre-Kindergarten programs designed to stimulate your child’s mind.

    We offer an Elementary and High School education that values experience and honors students’ talents and interests, with a cutting-edge curriculum. Students hone their craft – no matter what they choose to be!

    Different Mindset – Better Education

    Voyagers’ Community School Founding Director, Karen Giuffre’, began with the premise that children were being undervalued as they climbed through the educational ranks. Seeking to flip this concept on its head, she began Voyagers’ to shine a light on children and their capacities.

    Children at Voyagers’ have the freedom to create and express themselves in many ways. From top-tier elective classes to our in-depth STEAM curriculum, we unlock your child’s passion for learning and help them realize their potential.

    In addition to Bachelor and Masters degrees, Karen holds a Masters Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. Karen teaches high school Humanities and provides college counseling for all of our high school students. Helping your child succeed in school and move on to the college that is right for them is her highest priority.

    Choosing Voyagers’ Community School

    Hands-On Learning Is Just Part Of The Fun

    Hands-On Learning Is Just Part Of The Fun

    We know that choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you will make. At Voyagers’ Community School, we believe that a family’s investment in their child’s future is one of the best investments that can be made.

    For the past 14 years, families have invested in a Voyagers’ education because they know that the school:

    • Fosters confidence
    • Stimulates creativity
    • Nurtures intellectual curiosity
    • Instills a sense of responsibility
    • Develops critical thinking skills
    • Prepares students for intellectual challenges
    • Promotes habits of mindfulness and values that endure

    Voyagers’ Community School Programs

    We pride ourselves in offering you, the most flexible options for school, no matter the age of your child. Whether you’re beginning in the Toddler Room or the 12th grade, we have you covered. See below for class information at Voyagers’ or contact our staff to set up a tour.