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  • Best Educational Summer Camps For Your Child In Monmouth County

    Summer vacation is an exciting time for kids of all ages. School is finally out and there’s plenty of free time for fun and enjoyment. Want to make sure your kids don’t waste their summer being glued to mobile phones and smart devices? Here is an excellent option to consider – summer camps! Summer camps are an incredible childcare option over the summer months. They also offer exciting activities which provide campers with fun learning experiences. Plus they have the added benefit of increased opportunities to meet new friends. If you want to make sure you’re sending your kids to the right camp, here are tips to help you choose the best summer camp program in Monmouth County. Determine your goal Before picking a summer camp, it’s important you first identify your goal. Ask yourself a simple question – what do you want your child to gain and learn from […]

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  • How To Celebrate National Bike Month With Your Kids

    Ask just about anyone and they can usually –and vividly — remember when they first learned to ride a bike! It’s just something you never forget… No matter how long it’s been since you hopped on a bike, National Bike Month provides the perfect reason to get back out there and ride again! Here’s how to celebrate that amazing invention, the bicycle, with your kids… and start a new, healthy habit as a family! Getting started Begin by setting out the rules for safe biking. Even if your kids aren’t old enough to really remember everything you’re telling them, repeat the rules for safe biking to them every time you go out. When they see you following the same rules you’re telling them to follow, it will encourage them to do the same. Teach them the following tips for safe biking: Keep your tires well inflated – match the pressure […]

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  • How to Choose the Best Summer Camp Program in Monmouth County

    Summertime is right around the corner… where will your kids be spending their time? Why not give them an experience this summer which will last a lifetime? At summer camp, your kids will have the chance to learn new things, make new friends and gain confidence in their own abilities. What to look for in a summer camp program A good summer camp will encourage kids to explore new things, teaching them a lot about themselves. When kids are successful at trying new things, it feeds into their self-confidence and impacts their drive to learn even more. Questions you can ask to help you find the right summer camp program for your kids include: What philosophy does your program follow? What is unique about your summer camp program? In what ways will my child be challenged? How do you motivate the kids to learn something new? How will my child’s […]

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  • Tips on Choosing the Right Preschool for Your Child

    When it comes to choosing a preschool for your child the choices can often feel overwhelming. Your child’s mind is absorbing everything she can about the world around her,  trying to discover her place in it. It’s important to find a preschool with teachers who understand how to harness this curious nature and guide her towards building the skills she’ll need throughout life. Consider the following when choosing the right preschool for your child. What is the school’s curriculum philosophy? There are a lot of different philosophies surrounding the best way to educate children. If you’re not aware of the nuances, it can be confusing deciding between preschools which provide similar offerings. Following are some of the most common terms you’ll see: Montessori approach This approach focuses on each child’s individuality as they’re learning. They base a child’s progress apart from what other children are doing, and help each child […]

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  • Reasons Why You Should Educate Children on the Value of Volunteering

    Raising kids isn’t easy…especially in a society that often seems so self-absorbed. (selfies, anyone?) So how can parents help kids see beyond their own immediate interests and concerns? By involving their children in opportunities to volunteer their time and energies towards helping others. While volunteering benefits those on the receiving end – both the individuals and organizations served – it’s hard to quantify how much volunteering benefits the “giver” just as much…if not more. When you give your child opportunities to help others through volunteering you’re also helping them learn: Empathy When looking for opportunities to volunteer, the closer your child can be to the end result (e.g. handing the sandwich to a homeless person not just making the sandwich) the more concrete their understanding will be of what they’re doing. Which also leads to more engagement in the volunteering process. Confidence Children gain confidence when they see their own […]

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