Voyager’s Community School News and Updates

  • Wild Earth Trip

    Recently, our students took an incredible trip to Wild Earth, in New Paltz, NY in the Hudson Valley. Our students had over 4 hours to be completely immersed in the woods of New York. Our staff had the opportunity to spend time together, play games and gain some real insight and perspective on outdoor education. I will let the pictures do the blogging.                    

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  • Environmental Problems: Gaining A Deeper Understanding

    There is a popular surf/climbing documentary, 180 Degrees South (available on Netflix), that follows a surfer/climber on a journey to climb Mt. Fitzroy in Patagonia. In the film, the creators imply that Patagonia may just be one of the last wild places on earth. At one point in the film, their journey takes them to a village in Chile where the local people are protesting a government decision to build a large dam. The dam would have huge environmental impacts on the peoples everyday lives and on the land that they call home. The people organize large protests and they speak about the environmental problems constructing the dam would cause. When speaking about the local’s and their connection to the land, the narrator says, “To protect a place, you must love it. To love a place, you must first know it.”   This quote is something that our Outdoor Program […]

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  • Building a Small Scale Aquaponic System

    The wheat grass is growing! The wheat grass is growing! Our little fish friend, “Casper Sushi Bubbles III” (named by students) has been hard at work providing fertilizer for our plants to grow in our aquafarm. Students came to class one day a few weeks ago and discovered a new class pet, the betta fish. Without any direct teacher led instruction, but rather, teacher guided questioning and observation, students did some amazing things. Imagine just showing up to class one day with nothing but a fish in it’s store bought container, what would you do? Here are just some of the things our students did: watched videos of betta fish fight watched the trailer for the documentary Black Fish trailer found where betta fish originally come from looked up cambodia and the mekong river using google earth gave the fish a new habitat tested it’s water planted a corn seed […]

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  • Winter Tracking and The Change of The Season

    This time of year is oh so bitter sweet. 60 degree days sneak into our lives and make us believe that we have finally made it to the end of winter, until we are suddenly dropped right back into a 25 degree day and we are caught in a t-shirt because we too easily believed we were free. But, as quick as mother nature can pull us back down, she seems to grace us with warm days in early March just to give us that hopeful feeling and the ability to look at each other and say, “soon”. Most of our students seem ready. In fact, as it is usually a rumble of excitement when snow is in the forecast, after this long winter, our student’s are grumbling and complaining at the thought that we could possibly have more snow on the ground. As long as this winter has been, […]

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