Voyager’s Community School News and Updates

  • Tips to Teach Your Teen Financial Responsibility

    Parents are responsible to teach their children how to be financially independent when they come of age. Teaching your teenager how to manage their money properly will help them to become independent. This will also help them to become more responsible with how they spend their money. To equip and prepare your teens to become financially responsible and independent, here are tips you can teach  them. Start with their interest Teenagers tend to be interested in what they wear. This is a good place to start a lesson. Let them take an inventory of what clothing they own. After this, you’ll both know how many pieces of clothing your teenager has. Then, you can let your teenager separate their clothing that is still wearable, out of date, and those that they have grown to dislike. When your child wants to get new clothes, you can suggest they get what they […]

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  • Fun Things to Do with the Family in Monmouth County – Part 1

    Are you from Monmouth County and are looking for places to visit and fun things to do with your family? Look no further because we have gathered a list of fun things you should definitely try with your family! Here, check them out… Paint A Tee in 18 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ This is the perfect place if you feel like being creative. You and your kids can freely explore colors as you paint anything you can think of. For only $18, your kids will be provided with tees and onesies so that their clothes won’t be splattered with paint. Parents don’t need to worry because the paints are non-toxic and safe for children. Fun Time America in 269 Route 35, Eatontown, NJ This is an all in one place that gives the whole family a lot of fun. There are so many activities to do here. Do you […]

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  • Celebrating National Family Stories Month this November

    With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of us will be gathering with our families. This will be an excellent time to share stories, and listen to grandparents talk about family history. Because wonderful and interesting stories get passed around during this time of the year, November is called the National Family Stories Month. It is exciting to have this celebration, but the National Family Stories Month is not just about collecting and sharing family stories. It’s also about preserving family traditions. Be sure to enjoy and make the most of the National Family Stories Month with these brilliant ideas! Share stories about your childhood One of the most interesting stories everybody loves listening to is the story of your childhood. Share your fondest memories of when you were your kids’ age. What were the funniest things you did? What was the most memorable? Reminiscing on your childhood is a fun […]

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  • Progressive Education: How Progressive Learning Helps a Child

    Education is a good thing. Everyone would agree with this statement. However, while everyone agrees to this, there’s a debate worldwide on what education is best. On one side of the debate are  the traditionalists, and the other half stands for progressive education. How Progressive Education differs from Traditional Education Traditional education is practiced in many private Christian schools. One type of traditionalism is education that emphasizes the teaching of classic literature and languages. This curriculum teaches students the basic skills needed as they progress from primary to higher grades. On the other hand, progressive education sees schools as agencies of social service with the purpose of preparing kids for the political, social, and economic realities of life. Progressive learning includes job skills training, psychological conditioning, and certain forms of social indoctrination. Progressive education advocates believe the school needs to be child-centered instead of subject-centered. Here are the key differences […]

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  • Find out How You Can Help Others on World Food Day

    World Food Day is observed on the 16th of October each year. This day is celebrated to honor the date when the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded in 1935. It is also recognized to raise awareness about hunger, as well as encourage the public to take action is to help eliminate world hunger. The World Food Day is celebrated by organizing food drives and distributing free meals for the homeless and less fortunate. If you have the heart to participate in this holiday, here are some of the ways you can take a stand against hunger and make a difference.   Take a photo of your meal and share it on  social media If you think taking photos of your sumptuous meals and uploading them on the social media is meaningless, then you have been thinking wrong. By sharing photos of your meals, you are […]

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