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  • Cold War Figure Project

    In Global Studies, our Outdoor School students, grades 6-8, are working on a new project. As the class progressed through World War II and into the Cold War, the teachers put greater responsibility on the students. They were asked to learn about the Cold War through the lens of major figures of the times. Students were given the opportunity to choose the person wanted to study. The picked one person from this list: Harry S. Truman Dwight D. Eisenhower Hubert Humphrey Fidel Castro The Rosenbergs John F. Kennedy Nikita Khrushchev Joseph Stalin Paul Robeson Curtis LeMay Douglass MacArthur Joseph McCarthy During our study of WWII, we introduced the idea of political ideology and the political spectrum. Students were given a picture of the historical figure they selected; they were asked to do some research and gather data on their person. Once the research was completed they were instructed to add […]

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  • Project Weeks

    As the Voyagers’ Faculty sat and watched all of the 50+ students in our school describe their Project Weeks work, we grew more and more impressed. The children were able to present their ideas, experiences, and outcomes in front of a large audience containing their peers, parents, and mentors. Then we reminded ourselves that they are able to speak clearly and thoughtfully about the work they have done because they speak publicly and present so very often. Three times a year for Showcase and twice a year for Project Weeks, our students talk to the onlookers about their work. As students do this over and over again, they develop greater confidence and begin to fine tune their ability to shake off nerves and focus on public speaking techniques taught to them every day. They are able to present themselves in a respectful and mature manner. It takes each student time to […]

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