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  • Reasons Why You Should Educate Children on the Value of Volunteering

    Raising kids isn’t easy…especially in a society that often seems so self-absorbed. (selfies, anyone?) So how can parents help kids see beyond their own immediate interests and concerns? By involving their children in opportunities to volunteer their time and energies towards helping others. While volunteering benefits those on the receiving end – both the individuals and organizations served – it’s hard to quantify how much volunteering benefits the “giver” just as much…if not more. When you give your child opportunities to help others through volunteering you’re also helping them learn: Empathy When looking for opportunities to volunteer, the closer your child can be to the end result (e.g. handing the sandwich to a homeless person not just making the sandwich) the more concrete their understanding will be of what they’re doing. Which also leads to more engagement in the volunteering process. Confidence Children gain confidence when they see their own […]

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  • Kindness Strips

    At Voyagers’ we like to highlight the kind acts that occur in our community, on a daily basis. One of the ways we do this is by acknowledging Random Acts of Kindness with Kindness Strips. On the Lower and Upper level of the school, the staff has placed Kindness Jars with colorful strips of paper inside of them. When someone commits a kind act, a witness may pull a strip from the jar and write the act on it to recognize the person and the good deed. At Thursday’s All School Community Meeting all the strips are read out loud and the students are commended for their kindness. Once read, we add the strips to a paper chain. These are hung prominently outside of the office as a celebration of our community.  

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