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  • How to Get Your Kids Talking About School

    Your youngest comes running towards the car, artwork clutched in her hand and a big grin on her face. As she settles into the passenger seat you ask the same question that countless parents ask at the end of a school day…”How was school?” Fine…good…or any variation of a single sentence is typically the response to your query. You rephrase the question, but are often left with little to no information about what your child learned or discovered at school that day. As any parent will agree, getting your kids talking about school can feel like pulling teeth…no matter how old they are. Wondering if there’s a way you can get your kids to open up more and share more about what they were doing all day?  There is, and it all stems around being more specific – and fun – with your conversational tactics. How to talk to kids […]

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  • Why Your Child Can Benefit with a Kindergarten Program

    Children who attend a quality kindergarten program will be well prepared for the remainder of their early childhood education. As natural learners, children more readily absorb new information when their interests are stimulated and all of their senses are engaged. That’s why we’ve created our kindergarten curriculum with child growth and development principles in mind. What happens in Kindergarten Your child will learn a lot in kindergarten. Not only will her academic learning continue to progress from what she’s learned so far, her lifestyle and habits will continue to grow and expand. We focus on habits and activities such as: Physical activity Eating and drinking healthy foods Rest time Reading Cooperative play Toileting Listening and following directions Keeping track of your own things Recognizing the time, places and names Getting along with others   In addition to gaining basic learning skills that quickly become second nature, a kindergarten program will […]

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