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  • Tips to Teach Your Teen Financial Responsibility

    Parents are responsible to teach their children how to be financially independent when they come of age. Teaching your teenager how to manage their money properly will help them to become independent. This will also help them to become more responsible with how they spend their money. To equip and prepare your teens to become financially responsible and independent, here are tips you can teach  them. Start with their interest Teenagers tend to be interested in what they wear. This is a good place to start a lesson. Let them take an inventory of what clothing they own. After this, you’ll both know how many pieces of clothing your teenager has. Then, you can let your teenager separate their clothing that is still wearable, out of date, and those that they have grown to dislike. When your child wants to get new clothes, you can suggest they get what they […]

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  • Progressive Education: How Progressive Learning Helps a Child

    Education is a good thing. Everyone would agree with this statement. However, while everyone agrees to this, there’s a debate worldwide on what education is best. On one side of the debate are  the traditionalists, and the other half stands for progressive education. How Progressive Education differs from Traditional Education Traditional education is practiced in many private Christian schools. One type of traditionalism is education that emphasizes the teaching of classic literature and languages. This curriculum teaches students the basic skills needed as they progress from primary to higher grades. On the other hand, progressive education sees schools as agencies of social service with the purpose of preparing kids for the political, social, and economic realities of life. Progressive learning includes job skills training, psychological conditioning, and certain forms of social indoctrination. Progressive education advocates believe the school needs to be child-centered instead of subject-centered. Here are the key differences […]

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