7 Things a Daycare can Teach your Child

August 30, 2018

3-5 voyagers community schoolDaycare is the first kind of learning facility your child is going to experience. This is their time of learning so many things are crucial for them to survive formal school. This is when they begin to learn some important life skills. They will grow in social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Daycare may look like fun and games but young ones learn through playtime and creative activities. Every activity that kids do in daycare teaches them important life lessons. Building blocks teach them problem-solving, story time teaches them listening skills and creativity.

Good habits, proper conduct, and positive self-esteem are being developed in daycare or preschool. Daycare teaches children that it’s okay to make mistakes. They learn from their mistakes and won’t do it again the next time. Here are other things a daycare can teach your children.

They Learn the Alphabet and Phonics

One of the basic things that a preschool will teach children is the alphabet and how each letter sounds. Children in daycare will learn  all 26 letters in upper and lower case. They will also learn to recognize the letters of their first name. Along the way, they will be taught how to write them.

Learning a language and reading may be taught in school but these things can be started at home. Daycare will strengthen the lessons children already have and hone them for school.

They learn how to count

Daycare providers help the children learn the basic numbers from one to 10. They will also teach them how to count them in the correct order. This is the basic building block of math. Counting is a different skill. This starts with memorization until the numbers and objects they count corresponding with each other. Yet, daycare is not the only place where they can learn about numbers. Children can learn numbers at home, too.

They learn about Colors and Shapes

Preschool teachers will teach children the names of basic shapes and colors. Children will learn to differentiate the colors of different objects. They will also recognize them by their correct names.

They will learn how to socialize

Social skills are as important as intellectual skills. Developing this is necessary before children start formal school. Having social skills will teach them how to cooperate and share with other kids. They will also learn how to wait for their turn and to take part when there are group activities. Daycare will teach the kids how to follow simple directions and how to communicate their wants and needs.

They will learn how to make friends

In daycare, children will meet new faces. They’re going to be introduced not long afterward, they are going to be playing together like best of friends. It’s crucial to let your kids develop friendship. Interacting with their peers will help with their social growth. Children learn how to solve problems, share things with other kids, and play and learn together.

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They will learn how to interact with adults

The only adults children have endless interactions with are their parents and other members of the family. Daycare is a place where your children can see and interact with other adults. Having your kids connect with other adults can be good for them. They will learn trust and respect.

They will learn independence

In daycare, children will be left for hours in the center. They will learn how to function even when they are apart from their parents. They’ll learn how to figure things out with the help of another adult and their peers. They’ll learn how to be independent of their parents. This is a good thing. Children learning how to be independent when they are still young will develop strong analytical thinking.

Putting your children in daycare will give them the education and skills they need later in life. Daycare will also help the child’s transition to kindergarten become smoother. There are a lot of benefits your child can get from attending daycare. Some of them are listed above. If you are looking for a school, maybe a kindergarten in Monmouth County will do. Research and ask around. Parents will always want what’s best for their kid.

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